Tuesday, January 3, 2017

FM Reception Problems

We are currently experiencing a degraded FM signal from damages caused by the inclement weather. We have a team en route and anticipate a resolution by 1/4/17. You can continue to listen to WKHR using our online streaming service via WKHR Online. Thank you for listening. Have a happy and healthy 2017!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for info. We've wondered why the station has not been coming in as clear as usual. We're loyal listeners from Willowick.

Anonymous said...

Lately the value of music is downgraded to 20%. The music is mostly unlistenable, monotonous and the same songs playing over and over. I only enjoy a few songs, which rarely play. Much else is soul, screeching sounds, repetitious and music with hard to listen to, while concentrating or dining. I usually change my radio station, while eating

Anonymous said...

Too much HARSH sounds! Not easy to listen to. :( Please cut down on your heavy and harsh songs. Way to many play in a row. Some Deejays mainly the volunteers are taking repeated requests, and play the same songs to bore me to death. Too much harsh sounds, for an elder adult
station. Also way too many duplication, of same songs