Friday, April 8, 2011

FM 91.5 - 2011 Radiothon!!

This year’s radiothon is almost over. The volunteers will be heading home on Saturday night so we ask that you hurry and make your pledge now! 440.708.0915 or online

Please remember that we are 100%, entirely, unquestionably, at your mercy. YOU KEEP US ON THE AIR. Without your support, we cannot keep bringing you the music you love.

As you all know, not a day goes by without rates increasing. We are in the same boat. Luckily we get some breaks for being a non-profit, so this is why we're able to barely get by on your donations alone. The alternative? Commercials… or worse.

Please help keep FM 91.5 commercial free!

Call up now and make your pledge: 440.708.0915

Or you can always donate online at:

Thank you for being our listeners!

P.S. If you don’t have the means to donate, please don’t. That’s not who we are. Instead, we would appreciate it if you would tell some of your friends & neighbors (not necessarily one in the same) about us!!


Anonymous said...

More listener would be attracted if you guys wouldn't repeat the same music over and over all night and day, when no music players are available.I call it my go to sleep program, because it is boring and heard over and over again.

Anonymous said...

I would definetally have to dispute what you posted. I LOVE WKHR and have been listening for quite some time (even though I do not live in the area now). They surely do not play the same music over and over.. berely ever have I even heard the same tune by the same performer in the same week, let alone the same day!

Anonymous said...

Second anonymous person, I am the first. The dispute you have is misunderstood. The same music is on the computer. I listen to I fall asleep in boredom. Not refering to what the live deejays play. I have been hearing the Bob Charles overnight program for aqt least 5 years, so I would know what is changed if any. The same music and some pieces that are played like Sing, sing are played in a ear deafening, repetition for 15 minutes straight. I have a tape collection that far exceeds what WKHR choses to play and it is designed to be comfortable, for my tinitus inflicted eardrums. WKHR is too much loud swing, gospel style. soul sounds and extra long boring honky tonk stuff. Not what I call variety or enjoyable either. Paul Wisely had some variety, Uncle Freddy too, but they are gone.Sincerely CH

Anonymous said...

I decided against donating this year, because when I called and asked Uncle Bob not to play a certain annoying song, he answered smarty aleckly and hung up on me. I also was tricked into believing that Margie was honoring my long asked for request, when she was not on the air. Ziggy was. As long as I have been listening to WKHR 10 years now, the attidude of the deejays is indifferent and uncomfortable. You guys continue to play long versions of annoying music and keep the overnight music the same songs, all the time. The student periods have 3 hour gaps when no deejay is on. Then out of the blue, some live music reappears.If this station is to continue, I certainly hope that the overall attitude improves.

Anonymous said...

Nearly everytime I try and record a song in its entirety, one of the rude deejays starts gabbing or just cuts off the ending and I am left with an INCOMPLETE SONG. Why is it necessary to to cut off songs when their are no commercials to play? These deejays need to learn how to please their audiences, more than themselves.

Anonymous said...

For all these complaints, why don't you surly listeners volunteer to play "better" music?